Information material on German Vocational Education and Training for people from Ukraine

How does Vocational Education and Training (VET) work in Germany? GOVET creates information material about German VET for the international cooperation in Vocational Education and Training. GOVET's films and further materials can also provide some assistance for refugees from Ukraine.

Vocational education and training  in Germany has special characteristics. How does it work and who is involved? What is important in the so-called Dual VET? As the Federal Government's central office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training, GOVET creates information material for VET abroad, which can also be useful for working with refugees. In addition to general information on the composition and structures of dual training, the films on "Action-oriented vocational training steps", for example, convey an understanding of action-oriented learning in German VET. In this way, the competence development of the trainees is consciously promoted in real business- and work processes.

The materials have been coordinated with the German stakeholders in VET cooperation , who have used them in international work for many years. Materials in Ukrainian can be a useful informational tool for refugees. The respective German and English language versions are also listed as information for their helpers.