Dual VET in Germany

The GOVET presentation on dual VET explains the dual VET system in brief and provides an overview of the advantages it offers. It serves as an introduction and is available in 13 languages.

Stakeholders of the German VET system

How does Germany manage to bring together the different interests of stakeholders from government, business and society in the field of Dual VET? The GOVET presentation on the stakeholders of the German VET system explains how this cooperation works.

Dual VET: Costs and benefits aspects

Why should companies invest in apprenticeships? How much does it cost to train? How do companies profit from their trainees? You can find answers in the GOVET presentation on Costs and benefits aspects in Dual VET.

VET staff in Germany

The GOVET presentation on VET staff examines the VET staff in schools and companies and shows the contribution of the state and the economy in this context.

Legal framework of VET in Germany

Here you can find the GOVET presentation on legal framework of VET in Germany. It provides an overview on legal regulations concerning VET in Germany.