GOVET learning video: Dual VET in Germany – now available in Greek

The German Dual VET system is a reference model for many countries. But what does "Dual" mean? And how does Dual VET work exactly? In the explanatory film GOVET provides answers. The film is now available in 12 languages - including a Greek version.

Dual training is a model of success in Germany - for all. The trainees are able to orient themselves with cleary-defined training standards. They lern occupations both in theory and by simulation and parallel to the workplace in real operational practice. Training and training qualifications are recognised by the state, economy and society throughout the country.

Since they are training, the employers themselves are able to ensure that they always have enough skilled workers at hand. They are also able to partially adapt the training content to the need of their company. Training the skilled workers of tomorrow in your own company is a great advantage.

But how does dual vocational training actually work? And who is involved in deciding what young people learn during their training?

Further languages

On our YouTube channel we offer further language versions: Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Potuguese, Russian, Spanish and Spanish (Latin America).

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