Online seminars on vocational training

How does Dual VET work in Germany? Who are the stakeholders? And what is the relationship between costs and benefits? GOVET informs in online seminars about the core topics of vocational training in Germany.

GOVET offers online seminars in German and English on the core topics of German vocational education and training according to your needs. The online seminars enable a direct exchange with vocational training experts on the following topics:

  • Digitalization
  • Dual VET in Germany
  • Dual VET: Costs and benefits
  • Legal framework of VET in Germany
  • Stakeholders of the German VET system
  • Sustainability
  • VET staff in Germany

Please keep in mind that GOVET needs a reasonable time for the preparation of the online seminars. This free offer is aimed at VET stakeholders and people involved in international VET cooperation. We may advise you personally: by e-mail govet@bibb.de or by phone +49 228-107-1818.