Annual Report GOVET 2023

GOVET in 2023

In this interview, Head of GOVET Dr. Ralf Hermann looks back on the year 2023 and talks about successes, challenges and topics of BMBF’s bilateral cooperation and international vocational education and training cooperation. (Video in German with English subtitles available)

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10 years of successful international vocational education and training cooperation – review and outlook

Major stakeholders marked a significant anniversary by convening to debate international vocational education and training cooperation. The central focus was on the contribution this collaboration can make to meeting current and future challenges.

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Migration and international vocational education and training cooperation

Securing the supply of skilled workers from abroad was one of GOVET’s key topics in 2023. The focus was on labour immigration, on transnational skills partnerships and on immigration to Germany for the purpose of training. How did German international cooperation in vocational education and training contribute?

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The Round Table in 2023

An innovative, ambitious and cooperative community which clearly and consistently champions the goals of international vocational education and training cooperation (IVETC) abroad in a coherent manner.

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Sustainability in international vocational education and training cooperation

The huge topic of decarbonisation has long since been embraced in vocational education and training. In international VET cooperation, sustainability means the holistic and systemic consideration of multiple factors, something which GOVET supports in its advisory work by contributing its expertise.

see special topic 2023: Sustainability

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Further development of TVET reform in Ghana

Ghana’s second TVET Report was prepared in 2023 and represented a more detailed consideration of the associated topic areas. At the same time, the topic of sustainability formed the main focus of the bilateral cooperation for which GOVET is providing technical support.

see: Cooperation with Ghana in 2023

Slides of the GOVET presentation on Continuing professional education in Germany in different languages

New GOVET-presentation: Continuing professional education in Germany

The presentation "Continuing vocational training in Germany" provides information on the structure of the continuing vocational training system in Germany. It is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Ukrainian.

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International cooperation in VET: Testimonials

From around the globe, decision-makers from politics and business, representatives of educational practice and trainees as well as alumni, talk about VET cooperation with German actors.

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GOVET as a training company

GOVET has been training its own event managers since 2018. This enables the team to maintain a high level of training expertise and also allows due consideration to be given to the perspectives of those affected during discussions on good training conditions with partners.

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study visits were organised by GOVET in 2023

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Gathering steam – dual training in Costa Rica

After launching a dual model at an implementation level in 2022, Costa Rica used 2023 for the growth of its dual training. GOVET provided technical support to its Costa Rican partners in order to develop measures for the execution of the country’s objectives.

see: Cooperation with Costa Rica in 2023

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South Africa – sustainability becomes the central object of cooperation

The main focus of the development strategies in South Africa is on just social and ecological transformation, and this formed the core of bilateral vocational education and training cooperation with the country in 2023.

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presentations and other documents were downloaded from the GOVET website in 2023

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The one-stop shop

Demand for GOVET communications services has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels. One of the reasons for this is growing interest in and from Central Asia.

see: The One-Stop Shop in 2023

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Cooperation with Italy continues to gather momentum

Activities within the scope of the bilateral cooperation between Germany and Italy picked up pace in 2023. One success to emerge from the cooperative preparatory work is the launch of a funding project to promote partnership-based networking in vocational education and training.

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enquiries were answered and processed by GOVET in 2023

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is the main point of contact for national and international VET cooperation stakeholders. GOVET operates within three core areas to implement its policy remit.

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