German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training

Visit by Ghanaian delegation – a milestone in German-Ghanaian VET cooperation

BIBB hosted a high-ranking delegation led by Gifty Twum-Ampofo, Deputy Minister of Education of Ghana. This visit signifies and acknowledges the successful cooperation which GOVET supports in Ghana, in a consultative capacity, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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Academic research and practice in Ghanaian vocational education and training

Academic researchers and practitioners from the fields of academic and tertiary VET came together at the UEED Africa Conference, an annual event which is dedicated to economic issues relating to cooperation with African countries. GOVET reported on its bilateral cooperation activities in Ghana

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Ghana – setting the future course of the Commission for TVET

How can (and must) a national vocational education and training agency be structured in order to foster a sustainable TVET system? GOVET has been working on behalf of the BMBF to advise the Ghanaian Commission for TVET on organisational development and to lay down important markers for the future.

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Sustainability in vocational education and training – exchange between Costa Rica and Germany

How can sustainability in vocational education and training be implemented? How can the move be made from an abstract term to specific actions? – Experts from Costa Rica and Germany met to discuss these topics and to network on aspects relating to sustainability in VET.

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Cover of GIZ study Teachers and Trainers matter

New GIZ study on skills development for TVET staff

Well-qualified TVET personnel is crucial for high-quality and labor market-relevant vocational training. This fourth volume of the study series 'Background materials on TVET' takes practical examples of German development cooperation and analyses the challenges in the respective partner countries.

See GIZ study ‘Teachers and Trainers matter - Skills development for TVET staff in german development cooperation

High level interest in the German VET system from Mozambique

The Mozambican State Secretary for Vocational Education and Training visited BIBB in order to obtain greater familiarity with the VET system in Germany. Highly interesting specialist presentations and stimulating discussions provided new insights and impetuses on all sides.

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Picture of a building out of building blocks in Ukrainian flag colour

Vocational education and training in Ukraine

In Ukraine, vocational education and training has been in a state of flux for several years - dual elements have also been integrated into training. In a guest article, vocational training expert Snizhana Leu-Severynenko looks at developments, structures and data on the Ukrainian VET system.

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Cove of brochure Initial and continuing vocational education and training in Germany

Initial and continuing vocational education and training in Germany

The occupational structure in Germany is undergoing constant change. Helpful guidance is now available in the form of an updated GOVET brochure entitled: “Initial and continuing vocational education and training. A summary of vocational training opportunities in Germany”.

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Ghana beyond aid

How can VET in Ghana be strengthened further? What can Germany learn from Ghana? How do educational policy issues mesh with global discourses centring on economic growth and sustainability? Ghana took part in the activities staged by GOVET at re:publica and didacta conferences.

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Cover of publication

GOVET publication: International effects of COVID-19 on VET

In the partner countries of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) far-reaching impacts on education and occupational systems are expected. 19 expert articles from eight countries provide national and international insights into the extraordinary situation.

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13. May 2022

iMOVE Success Story: E-Tourism Management for travel agencies and tour operators in Iraq

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24 March 2021

iMOVE VET success story: On-the-job training in German gastronomy for Thais

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17 February 2021

iMOVE VET success story: Modern continuing education centre for skilled workers in Haiti

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4 August 2020

DC dVET Newsletter - July 2020 with focus on New Technologies and Dual VET

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29 June - 16 August 2020

MOOC by ILO on Quality Apprenticeships

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8 October 2019

Virtual conference on the future of TVET teaching and learning October 7 – 14, 2019 , UNESCO – UNEVOC TVeT Forum

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