Ghana – second Vocational Education and Training Report published

Ghana’s TVET Report marks an important milestone in the German-Ghanaian bilateral cooperation. One and a half years after its first publication, the TVET Report has become firmly established amongst the Ghanaian partners. The publication of a second report has met with considerable appreciation.

The second issue of the National Vocational Education and Training Report was published on 23 April as part of the first TVET Symposium, which was organised by the Ghana Commission for TVET (CTVET) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The report is based on Ghana’s own collection of data from 285 vocational education and training institutions across the country. This permitted valuable findings to be derived regarding the current status of VET in the country and the challenges faced. Just under twenty employees of the CTVET were involved in drawing up the report over a continuous period of eighteen months. The challenges the team faced in preparing the document were evident in the report itself. Very little data on the education and VET system is published regularly, and virtually no facts and figures are recorded in respect of events on the labour market either. This makes it very difficult to prepare information on topics which, for example, are presented in the German Data Report as a matter of course. These aspects include the supply-demand ratio and a breakdown of trainees or pupils in respect of the different training occupations.

Vocational education and training has become a game changer in today’s world, in which we need to be globally competitive. The Vocational Education and Training Report shows the areas in which we are making good progress and those in which action is still needed.

Nana Wreko Ampen Opoku, Chair of the Council of the CTVET

At the official publication of the report, the Ghanaian partners paid tribute to the technical guidance that had been provided by GOVET and BIBB during its preparation. Acting on behalf of the BMBF, GOVET has now been advising the CTVET on the topic of VET reporting for four years.

We would like to express our thanks to the colleagues from GOVET and BIBB who have offered us such robust support with the TVET Report over recent years. This collaboration and assistance is very valuable, and we very much appreciate the technical input. Data management training courses have, for example, enabled us to make material progress in our work.

Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah, Director General von CTVET

This is already the second report following the first TVET Report in September 2022. GOVET hosted training courses on data management and data analysis in 2023 and 2024. The aim of this BMBF-funded activity was to strengthen the CTVET team’s capacity for data evaluation.